Design your bot dialogue

Test copy, add attachments and share with your dev team. Made for humans, readable by Slack.

Let's Walkie
Product used in the example is Lurchr and you should take 2 min. to check it out.

Walkie is the easiest, nicest, smoothest way to write and test bot dialogues

Write in plain text, export in JSON.

Switch context between bot and user to simulate real dialogue.

Build attachments, buttons, and rich media messages with a few clicks.

Why did you build Walkie?

When writing dialogues for your bot, it is sooo much better to see the messages in the context of a conversation. Slack has a well documented api and even a message builder, but let's just say it: wouldn't it be nicer to just write in text and not in JSON?

Often, you just want to quickly sketch out a conversation to test wording, flow and the structure of your attachments. With Walkie it's just as easy as using... Slack.

What's in the pipeline for the next release?

We don't know yet. Right now we just want a simple tool that we can use everyday. If you'd like to report a bug or a feature request, you can do it via for now.